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The Suburban Dynaline vs Islandaire EZ GS

If you've been on Islandaire's website recently you may have noticed a "side by side" comparison of their EZ GS against Suburban's Dynaline. Unfortunately, their comparison is not a fair one and includes several blatant errors and mistakes. So let's set the record straight about the Suburban Dynaline:

Heat Exchanger: Tubular, aluminized steel. In the 14 years of DL3 Series production, JMH Associates has never had to replace a heat exchanger, not one time.

CO Detector: The Dynaline is available with a built-in CO Detector. As an onboard CO Detector is not required nationwide, we give our customers the option of including this or not.

Construction: There is no true definition of "commercial grade" for PTAC unit construction. But according to various other manufacturer's claims, our 18 and 20 gauge sheet metal would be considered "commercial grade".

Controls: Our 1 control board runs both the heat and cooling cycles. This allows end users who stock parts to spend less on their inventories and allows for easy self-diagnosis of unit issues.

Combustion Operation: Our negative draw-through combustion is the SAFEST design available. The systems allows for NO penetration of exhaust gases back into the room, as no room air is used for combustion. The Dynaline is also wind rated and has been installed in high-rises around the country for decades.

Front Panel: Our front panel includes rounded corners and is shallower than Islandaire's EZ GS, allowing for less protrusion into the room.

Wall Sleeve: Our wall sleeves are available fully assembled AND in a fold out version. Not forcing our end users to take fully assembled wall sleeves saves them dramatically on shipping costs and makes for far easier storage at the jobsite.

Indoor Fans: Our tangential fan has been providing excellent air flow through our available duct kits for almost 15 years.

Condensor Fan: Our design eliminated a slinger wheel by recessing our condenser coil. This eliminates the need for another moving part that creates noise, the slinger wheel, in the unit.

Combustion Intake: Located above the draining weep holes on the rear of the unit, water would need to run uphill and against the required ¼" slope of the units' pan. 

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