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The Industry Standard in Gas PTAC's for Almost 30 Years

The Suburban Dynaline 3 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) combines economical gas heat and high efficiency electric air conditioning for year round savings and comfort. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing of heating products, Suburban developed and introduced the first gas PTAC 1985.

The Dynaline 3 w/r410a represents the 4th generation of Suburban's original design concept. The standard 42"x16" wall sleeve makes Dynaline 3 the right choice for new construction or replacement of the Islandaire EZ series GS. Suburban uses only the highest quality components, including ultra-reliable compressors and heat exchangers.

Dynaline units are available in both natural gas and LP. Connections can be inside (front gas) or outside (rear gas) the room to better suit specific applications. Each unit is individually controlled so comfort levels can be set for each room or zone. The top-mounted controls provide for High and Low speeds in both heating and cooling modes, plus a fan only mode. The Dynaline 3 is set up to be run by either the unit mounted controls or a wall thermostat. Adjacent room kits are also available for multi-room applications.

JMH Associates has been the manufacturer's representative for the Suburban Dynaline for nearly 30 years. Our units have been installed in senior living facilities, hotels/motels, college dorms, military housing and more. With over 250 projects and more than 15,000 units installed in our territory, JMH Associates is the source for gas fired PTAC's.

Four capacities of the Suburban Dynaline are available, all operating efficiently and economically utilizing R410A refrigerant:

Provides a cooling capacity of 7,600 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.
Provides a cooling capacity of 9,500 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.
Provides a cooling capacity of 11,500 BTU/h along with 18,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.
Provides a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU/h along with 20,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.


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